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The Tech Wellness Podcast

Jul 16, 2021

if you've got kids and you've ever struggled with how to regulate their time online and more importantly, maintain a nice relationship with them, you're in for a real treat. Jennifer Sitterud is a brilliant mom I came across on Instagram. You can see her gorgeous family here:  Tutus And Jerseys She posted something like, "Okay, we're logging off now. It's time for screen-free summer." And I thought, wow, really? What? How do you do that? So, I knew as we got into the thick of summer, it would be great to talk to Jen about how she actually does it and how she keeps the kids occupied and engaged. So, you can find a really fun, easy, practical discussion that shows you that you can make screen time free summers work for you, even if it's a screen-free summer week and build better relationships with your kids at the same time.

Jenn has some amazing FREE downloads to help you plan your screen free time here:  Screen Free Summer Printables

A couple of other fun solutions from the Tech Wellness team:  Our BIG TIME Tech Timekeeper.  This very fun old school timer puts an element of fun into any activity and it when the kids are online, it shows them how much time they have left.  It's our best cure for continuous scrolling and helps everyone achieve optimum focus!  BIG TIME TECH TIMEKEEPER

And before you leave on vacation this year, don't forget to check out our newly updated WiFi-free Games for Kids.  Lots of things to do without being connected to the internet:  WIFI Free Games for Kids-2021