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The Tech Wellness Podcast

Jul 6, 2021

On today's episode, I'm welcoming Marilee Nelson. She's the founder of Branch Basics, human safe cleaning products. Branch Basics is fast becoming a household name. In fact, it's the only name that you're going to find on anything in my house that's used to clean-anything!

Branch Basics is giving you 15% off all Starter Kits with code TECHWELLNESS   I hope you love using it as much as I do!

You're going to get to know Marilee today. And while she was dealt a very tough hand, she turned it around and turned that into her life's work, her passion, and really fabulous success. Can you imagine at just 23-years-old being told you're going to need a kidney transplant just to survive? After she said NO to that idea and healed herself with a new diet of clean foods, she was able to have a normal life and family.  But THEN can you imagine having a perfectly healthy, adorable 10-year-old kid, who gets exposed to banned pesticides and overnight can't even do simple tasks?  Well he is more than fine today, thanks to actions that Marilee took. That was the second chapter that led her to start Branch Basics.

Marilee is going to share how she turned this all around. How both she and her son became healthy, and well, and are doing great today. Marilee has helped so many people get better, feel better. And she does it by first simply having them toss the toxins from their lives. And you know what? You can do this too, because she's going to walk us through the basic, toxin tossing process. And yes, we're going to chat about the tech toxins too, like EMF's, which she definitely wants you to avoid. 

Marilee's a board certified nutritionist, and a certified building biologist, and a materials building specialist. Wow, what an authority.  And I'm so happy that you're going to listen in on our conversation, because her stories of healing give us really super practical tips. You're going to walk away knowing what to do next.  We can incorporate this into our homes, for us, for all the people we love to feel better and thrive.