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The Tech Wellness Podcast

Jan 28, 2022

I had the honor of connecting with the most incredible family. Although they have gone through unspeakable hardship and loss, they graciously opened up their story to me in this week’s podcast. I am so grateful I was able to speak to Kristine and her brilliant daughter Avila about her winning science fair project that was inspired by her dad’s battle with brain cancer and has led to them sharing the lessons learned about the effects of radiation. Please see the show notes below for links to Kristine's popular Instagram, research on EMF and how to get the Microgreen and meter package to try an EMF science experiment of your own. Join Kristine on Instagram and follow her inspirational journey: @lovekristinenicole website Link to our Science Fair Kit that includes one of our top EMF Meters and organic microgreens--everything you need for your home experiment to see the effects of EMF. Visit for more ways to live in balance with technology.