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The Tech Wellness Podcast


Thriving With Technology is the podcast from Our Mission is to bring awareness, balance and health to our relationship with tech. Our new reality makes that harder than ever for you and your family, BUT, it's not impossible.

Thriving With Technology brings you a practical solutions-based approach to understanding how best to live in balance with our increasing reliance on tech. We have been partnering with the experts in this field for over twenty years, so we bring you trustworthy, expert voices that clearly explain the science that matters to you plus usable tips that you can use to live healthier. It’s content that is educational, informative, trust-worthy and based on real science.

We’ll help you find balance without having to abandon the technology that makes life easy, convenient and connected. We cover online privacy, EMF’s and Rf, along with screen addiction and other health issues that are part of our modern world. Join the movement today at