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The Tech Wellness Podcast

Jun 6, 2023

Self-Care is The New Health Care

Welcome to Thriving with Technology, the science-led podcast that helps you achieve mindful living in a digital world. August Brice is the founder of Tech Wellness and your host on this weekly adventure. We give you practical tools to limit your tech toxin exposure and prioritize your health without sacrificing technology. 

In each episode, we interview passionate leaders in the health and technology space who give you the tools to navigate and thrive within our technology-driven world. Our goal is to demystify the dangers of tech and bring you practical advice to protect yourself from EMFs, blue light, internet overuse, and how to recognize the signs of tech addiction. 

Today’s guest is Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, author of The Cancer Revolution and founder of The Center for New Medicine and The Cancer Center for Healing. She warns that humanity faces a critical health emergency with rising cancer rates, EMF exposure, and staggering mental health statistics at the root of many chronic illnesses. 

The rise of stress and the popularity of wireless technology has created a mass disease state trickling down to the youngest among us. In the past sixteen months alone, there has been a surge in cancer diagnoses among twenty to thirty-year-olds in the United States. Dr. Connealy teaches you the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle so you can avoid getting sick in the first place. 

Conventional medicine is reactionary by nature, and they are waiting for you to get sick. Every pill, treatment, and prescription has consequences, which is why Dr. Connealy is passionate about preventative care. Your health is a lifelong journey, and it starts today. Join us to hear Dr. Connealy’s top five tips for healthy living.


0:02:00 The Cancer Center for Healing 
0:04:00 The State of American Health Care 
0:06:00 The Rise of Cancer in American Youth 
0:08:00 How EMF Affects the Human Body 
0:12:00 Transitioning into Functional Medicine 
0:15:00 How The Medical Industry Ignores Stress
0:17:30 Is Chemotherapy Necessary?
0:22:00 Taking Countermeasures for Each Medication
0:25:00 Self-Care is The New Health Care
0:32:00 Community is The Guru of The Future
0:34:40 Top Five Tips for Healthy Living 

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Memorable Quotes

“You can’t help somebody else, unless you’ve had unfavorable experiences, but you need to turn that unfavorable experience into something that’s truly going to bless yourself and bless someone else.”  [17:40] -Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy

“That’s why we do countermeasures and counterbalancing with every single thing you do. If you’re going to do this medicine, you’ve got to do this counterbalancing, because every drug is a toxin. Every drug is intoxicating and damaging your body in some way.” [23:27] -Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy

“There is no finish line to health. That’s what people don’t understand. People think you’re done, you’re never done until you’re in your casket, ok. Health is a continuous living journey that you are working on all the time.”  [26:19] -Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy