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The Tech Wellness Podcast

Jun 20, 2023

In today’s episode, we'll explore the insights of Ryan Blaser, a certified building biologist, engineer, and founder of Test My Home, a company that helps people locate and reduce environmental toxins in homes. 


Ryan's expertise in building biology and engineering provides valuable insights on reducing exposure to environmental toxins in our homes. By addressing issues such as EMFs, mold, water contamination, and air quality, we can create a healthier living environment. He emphasizes the importance of reducing exposure to these toxins and using technology wisely. By following his recommendations, we can make our homes a sanctuary for our well-being.


Thriving with Technology is the science-led podcast that helps you achieve mindful living in a digital world. August Brice is the founder of Tech Wellness and your host on this weekly adventure. We give you practical tools to limit your tech toxin exposure and prioritize your health without sacrificing technology. 


In each episode, we interview passionate leaders in the health and technology space who give you the tools to navigate and thrive within our technology-driven world. Our goal is to demystify the dangers of tech and bring you practical advice to protect yourself from EMFs, blue light, internet overuse, and how to recognize the signs of tech addiction. 


As technology continues to advance, we find ourselves surrounded by more and more environmental toxins in our homes. These toxins can come in many forms, from electromagnetic fields (EMFs) to mold and water impurities. With the rise of health concerns related to these toxins, it's more important than ever to create a healthy home environment.





00:02:55 Importance of having a qualified expert

00:05:30 EMF Protection: What works and what is a scam

00:12:20 Importance of paying attention to lighting in the home

00:14:20 The dangers of mold and how to identify and address it

00:22:10 Ventilation and managing airflow in homes

00:25:45 Water contamination and the importance of water purification 

00:29:10 Smart appliances and the importance of simplifying technology

00:32:50 The top ways to prevent mold

00:34:00 Importance of a mindset change to live healthily and the need to make a shift



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Memorable Quotes

"And having a qualified expert come out to your home and tell you all the ways that you can make your home healthier is so important these days." [00:03:21] -August Bryce


"Mold and EMF are the two biggest problems I run into. And then chemical usage is right behind that. And then lack of, uh, fresh air is probably the fourth biggest thing. Those are the big ones.” [00:14:37] -Ryan Blazer


"And it's even best you wanna start young, that's when things start accumulating in your body and when you're young you can take a lot, but you start filling up that toxic bucket, that toxic load, eventually one day it's gonna overflow and now you're gonna have to backtrack and it's a lot easier to prevent than it is to try to detox all this stuff." [00:27:13] -Ryan Blazer