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The Tech Wellness Podcast

Aug 8, 2023

Research shows EMF exposure causes oxidative stress. One Scientist’s journey with an antioxidant that was so powerful, he created his own company. This episode is FASCINATING (especially for all those science nerds out there like me). 


I came into this interview with a TON of questions and a desire to bust some myths about the ever-mysterious shungite as EMF protection.  


Here’s what it is all about - Research shows that one of the mechanisms of damage from EMFs is oxidative stress due to cell disregulation. Meaning our cells don’t “gate” properly which means they aren’t opening and closing exactly as they should. This leads to a cascade effect of oxidative stress - a term we hear a lot in the non-toxic world. 


There are many types of antioxidants, but C60 is one that has become very popular in the last few years. To be honest, for a long time I avoided C60 because I had seen it discussed in shungite literature as a special component of shungite - and as the research is very very weak when it comes to the “EMF Protection” capabilities’ of shungite I steered clear of anything having to do with it. However, then I met Ken Swartz -  A Fusion Energy inventor and multiple patent holder who happened on to the power of the C60 molecule in an effort to curb the effects of radiation exposure from his lab.


He became such a fan that he created his own C60 product and contributes to the website that provides education only on behalf of all C60 companies in an effort to separate the myth from reality by providing a source for all the research on the topic.


He’s tested several different Karelian shungite products for C60 and he shares his findings and helps us understand the confusion around fullerenes, C60 and shungite as well as explaining how c60 works.  


NOTE:  This is not a recommendation or endorsement of this antioxidant, I just wanted to share with you all the insight I received around the many questions I had. 


Welcome to Thriving with Technology, the science-led podcast that helps you achieve mindful living in a digital world. August Brice is the founder of Tech Wellness and your host on this weekly adventure. We give you practical tools to limit your tech toxin exposure and prioritize your health without sacrificing technology. 


In each episode, we interview passionate leaders in the health and technology space who give you the tools to navigate and thrive within our technology-driven world. Our goal is to demystify the dangers of tech and bring you practical advice to protect yourself from EMFs, blue light, internet overuse, and how to recognize the signs of tech addiction. 



[00:02:26] The biggest EMF scams.

[00:03:19] EMF protection misconceptions.

[00:17:30] Shungite's bio-energetic capability.

[00:19:23] 5G and cell damage.

[00:23:27] C-60 and extended lifespan.

[00:31:23] Adrenals and hormone function.

[00:41:36] C-60 and cognitive decline.

[00:50:20] The truth about shungite.

[00:53:19] High-quality skincare products.

[00:56:59] The difference between gummies and oil.

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Memorable Quotes


"And they basically gave one set of rats C60. The other set didn't. That's the control group. They hit it with a multiple dose of fatal radiation. All the C60 rats live, whereas the control group that didn't get it died." [00:08:10] – Ken Swartz

"C60 is the only antioxidant you can take that will increase athletic performance.” [00:27:28] – Ken Swartz

"Our body's designed to have one omega three for one omega six. Right now, people with all these seed oils, they're taking 20 omega sixes to two omega one omega threes. And that's super inflammatory. In fact, it's one of the leading causes of health problems in today's population." [00:45:45] – Ken Swartz