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The Tech Wellness Podcast

Jul 25, 2023

Welcome back to our special episode on Thriving with Tech and Wellness as we look at the unseen dangers of smartphones and WiFi. You won't believe how this wireless energy can impact our health! Join me, August Brice, as I share stories from regular, healthy folks who've experienced headaches, anxiety, rashes, and more because of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). 


We attended a Global Conference and guess what? There's well-documented research showing the biological effect of EMF on all of us.  It's been well-documented over the last 30 years.  Here's a compilation of some of our latest  Research Findings.  The scientists we spoke with say the question of whether or not EMF is a public health concern was answered years ago. It's time we take precautionary steps!


Let's be smart about it, just like we use sunscreen in the sun! Enjoy the episode, and if you find it helpful, please like us on the iTunes Store and share the message with your loved ones. 



[0:00:05] Introduction to the podcast and conference on electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) 

[0:00:59] Importance of understanding EHS and its potential impact on health

[0:02:18] Personal stories of individuals experiencing symptoms of EHS

[0:06:22] Biological effects of electromagnetic radiation and the need for precautionary measures

[0:09:47] Comparison of electromagnetic radiation to other toxins and the need for awareness

[0:11:21] Positive outlook for the future and the importance of spreading awareness

[0:13:12] EHS as an early warning system for the potential harm of EMF

[0:18:01] Conclusion and call to action for mindful living with technology


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Memorable Quotes

  • "Modern telecommunication microwave radiations are very bioactive. DNA damage is the worst scenario. And unfortunately, these types of radiations do cause DNA damage." - Demetrius Panagopoulos


  • "If you told parents that you were going to have DDT, diesel fuel, welding fumes, and organic solvents dispensed into their kids' classroom, you'd have a riot. But if you say the class will have a very powerful WiFi, they say, oh, good." - Professor Olle Johansson


  • "I am still there. You know what I mean? I am still there. And it suppresses everything in a way." - Anonymous individual with EHS