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The Tech Wellness Podcast

Aug 22, 2023

Were you aware that 5G has become incredibly prevalent, especially in major cities? It's truly fascinating to observe how widespread the adoption of 5G has become and its subsequent impact on our surroundings. In this episode, we shed light on the importance of understanding 5G, its implications for our well-being, and the potential effects it might exert on our health.


Join us, August Brice, along with my partner Hal Brice, as we express valid concerns regarding the potential health ramifications of 5G technology, specifically focusing on the millimeter wave aspect. The limited research on the non-thermal consequences of these waves, combined with the proximity of 5G towers to residential areas, raises considerable worries. Staying well-informed about the technology integrated into our devices and taking precautionary measures to mitigate potential risks is of paramount importance.


Furthermore, we delve into the adverse effects of social media on children and underscore the significance of equipping them to cope with these potential challenges. Did you know that social media exposure can trigger sensations of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), social comparison, and anxiety, all of which can detrimentally affect a child's self-esteem and overall well-being? These unfavorable effects have the potential to impede a child's future success; hence, we emphasize the necessity for parents to actively educate themselves and their children about social media, as it stands as one of the most significant parenting challenges in the digital era.


Moreover, we explore several practices that can bolster your body's defenses and assist in minimizing exposure to tech toxins. Techniques such as deep breathing, yoga, grounding, and other wellness strategies can serve as effective countermeasures against the adverse impacts of technology on our health.


Tune in as we provide actionable tips and present non-fear-based facts, all aimed at helping you cultivate a state of mindfulness while navigating the digital landscape. Make sure not to miss this enlightening discussion!



[00:00:00] Legal cases and cell phones.

[00:06:23] Effects of wireless waves.

[00:07:29] Health effects of millimeter wave.

[00:13:46] 5G technology and urban areas.

[00:17:29] The impact of giving kids phones.

[00:20:09] The man of your dreams.

[00:24:08] 5G millimeter wave exposure.

[00:29:28] Health effects of wireless technology.

[00:30:33] Electromagnetic hypersensitivity and wifi installation.

[00:33:05] Electromagnetic field sensitivity.

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Memorable Quotes


"Those effects that we're having on our body aren't because we're heating up, but because this invisible energy is manifesting different issues with our biology. Basically, it's affecting our systems." [00:07:59] – August Brice


"So, you can shield your home. You can shield your bedroom. You can sleep in a canopy. But is that fair? Is that right? Is that good for us? It's better than being exposed to it, but it really isn't the way that we were supposed to live.” [00:24:22] – August Brice


"So meanwhile, imagine these guys think, and women think that they're doing a great service to humanity by speeding up the bandwidth and by making things download faster. To them, this is their life's calling. Their job is to make things faster, but they have zero regard for any potential or possible health effects from the electromagnetic fields.” [00:26:31] – Hal Brice


"It is definitely an eye-opening experience to see what 5G is and where it is, which is practically everywhere in most major cities that we've been to." [00:35:05] – Hal Brice